Feeling of losing air

Why is there a feeling of losing air?

Our air mattresses are fully inflated for at least 12 hours and 100% tested before sending to customers. 

Air mattress material may stretch over time due to the natural elasticity of material property, which creates the feeling that the air mattress loses air.  

If this occurs, simply add more air using the built-in pump or portable pump to achieve desired firmness.

Change of temperature may also result in such a feeling.  Since low temperature makes air molecules denser inside the mattress, the colder your environment gets, the higher the amount of pressure loss experienced.  The solution is to keep the room temperature warm throughout the night.

For better protection of air mattress product, never unfold or inflate the airbed in temperatures below freezing, avoid extensive exposure to the sun and protect from contact with sharp objects and rough ground.  Make sure to handle the pump with care. Avoid pounding and jumping to prevent damage to the airbed material.


Steps to find the leak:

 To do so, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Fully inflate your mattress, finding a leak in a flat mattress is almost impossible.
  2. Find a quiet room so you can hear the hissing sound coming from the leak.
  3. Listen for leaks, put your ear close to suspected zones. Start with the bottom of the mattress, then the sides, then the top.  You should hear hissing sounds if there are any leaks.
  4. If there are no sounds even though you suspect a leak.  This is possible in the event of an extreme micro-puncture.  We would suggest first to wet the back of your hand, then start moving it all over the mattress.  Any leaking air will quickly blow over your wet hand so you can feel it immediately.
  5. You could also identify a leak by using soapy water. Please add liquid dish soap or body wash into a spray bottle.  Ensure the soap and water are mixed thoroughly to make sufficient bubbles.  Spray around the suspect area to see if bubbles form on the suspected spot.


Steps to repair:

  1. If the leakage is at the top side of your mattress, first sand away any soft felt at the leakage spot, so the included repair patch can stick, the felt coating can be removed with a wire brush or sandpaper so you can get a smooth plastic area around the leak, make sure to remove with gentle brushes to avoid damaging the smooth plastic area.
  2. If the leakage is NOT at the top side or once the felt is removed, clean the leakage area with 70% rubbing alcohol or soapy water to ensure there is no debris, dirt, or clutter.
  3. Once the area is completely dry, it is recommended that you cut the repair patch that is included in the package into twice the size of the leakage area.  This is to ensure that you get enough room to cover the source of the leak for lasting effect.
  4. Peel off the backing on your cut patch, apply the patch over the leakage area so it lays flat without air bubbles, apply pressure on the patch for at least 30 seconds to allow the glue to cure properly.
  5. Leave the glue to dry for approximately before re-inflating to test for additional leaks.


Additional tips

  1. Please avoid dragging your air mattress on rough surfaces to avoid abrasive action that might create holes on the air mattress.
  2. After use, make sure the air mattress is packed back to its original packaging with plastic or storage bag. This is to protect the folded edges of air mattress from being rubbed against the carton to create weak points for pin holes.
  3. Be careful not to over inflate to avoid ruptures.
  4. Make sure not to exceed the recommended maximum weight on the air mattress to stress out the elasticity.